Top Tips for Playing Video Poker

Savvy players will always be hunting down the online casino games that have both the very highest of paybacks but also the games on which their playing experience and skill can play a part in just how successful they are when playing those games.

It is often the many different variants of video poker therefore that experienced players will make a beeline to play, for when it comes to the games that have the best pay-out percentages and those that do have an element of skill about them, it is those games that does offer players those two unique features.

If you have never played video poker before, it is a very easy game to understand and get your head around, however you may not have come across that game before and if not this guide is one that I urge you to read through, for you are bound to find it very appealing yourself.

When playing video poker you are going to be dealt out a total of five playing cards and will be faced with deciding which of those cards if any are going to be the ones worth holding for the second stage of the game, in the hope that you form one of the winning hand combinations that will be listed on each variants pay table.

You can hold any, none or all the initial five cards and the ones that you don’t hold are removed from the screen and new ones are then dealt out to replace them. If once that second stage of the game is played off, you do go on to form any of the winning combinations you are paid out at the rate displayed on the pay table.

Online Video poker Staking Options

You can of course play video poker online for free or for real money, and when doing the latter, you will have the choice of selecting any of the available coin value settings that are displayed on the video poker game screen.

However, not only can you adjust and alter the coin value settings when playing video poker online for real money, but you must also decide whether you want to play one to five coins per hand too.

The optimum way to play video poker regarding the staking options will be dependent on whether the jackpot pay-out is boosted and enhanced in value when you play five coin hands, if that jackpot pay-out is boosted in value then you should only ever play five coins per hand to take advantage of that pay-out.

Best Way to Play Video Poker Online

Now, as you are required to use your skill and judgement at the point in time that all of your initial five playing cards have been dealt out, regarding which if any of those cards to hold into position for the next stage of the game, you could decide to learn the value of each initial card combination, to get an idea of just which cards you should hold.

That however would take you a huge amount of time to master doing, but there is in fact a much easier way of playing that will guarantee no matter which initial five playing cards are dealt out to you, you will never make any strategic playing errors regarding just which ones to hold.

To play video poker using the absolute best strategy possible, all that you need to do is to find an online casino site that offers an auto hold option on each of their video poker games.

By playing those games and having that particular option setting turned on as you play, the software will automatically hold the best cards that have been dealt out to you as your initial five playing cards, therefore ensuring the best strategy is in play on that game, without you having to learn which are the best cards to hold!

The Video Poker Game with the Highest RTP

You are going to come across single hand video poker games, multi-hand variants and plenty of video poker games that offer progressive jackpots too, but at the end of the day you will be best off only ever playing the one which boasts the very highest paybacks.

For reference it is going to be the single hand All Aces video poker game that you should be tracking down and playing, for that variant is one that when played perfectly returns to players an RTP over the long term of a whopping 99.92%!