Optimal Online Blackjack Strategy

When it comes to the range of casino card games that players are going to have access to when they play online, well there are always going to be a very large array of different variants on offer,

But as always it will be dependent on just which casino site that a player chooses to play at as to just how many blackjack games that they will have access to.

Now some players are of the mind that card games are not going to be offering them as much fun and entertainment as for example they get when they set about playing slot machines, but make no mistake about it, when it comes to the games in any casino site that do offer the best paybacks, you are going to be very hard-pressed to find any better paying games than Blackjack games.

The thing to keep in mind though about blackjack, is that it is going to be the decisions you make when playing any variant of that game as to whether you will be getting the house edge down to the lowest amount possible, and sadly many players do tend to make lots of playing errors when playing.

Each playing error you make when not following the optimum strategy for any blackjack game will see the house edge on that game increasing, and that in turn will see your winning chances being lowered.

Therefore, this guide is going to be taking a look at ways that you can always play blackjack with the best strategy in place, and as such you will be best advised to read on and digest what I am going to be revealing to you in this optimal online blackjack strategy guide!

How to Avoid Making Blackjack Playing Errors

As you become a much more experienced online blackjack player, you are going to very quickly get to know that there are some ways of playing off your hand that will give you a much better chance of winning, and there are also some things you should never do when playing off certain hands.

For example you should always avoid taking the insurance side bet wager when it has been offered to you when playing blackjack, for whilst that side bet does pay out at odds of 2 to 1 when the dealers hands turns out to be a blackjack hand, the house edge on that side bet is huge.

In fact, you should also always avoid splitting a pair of 10 value cards, and also avoid playing any games that offer side bet opportunities, as splitting 10 valued cards is a bad strategy and placing side bets will increase the house edge of the game you are playing too.

You are going to find that there are plenty of blackjack strategy cards that you can download and even print off, for every single online blackjack game variant you could come across, and by getting one of those cards for the variant you are about to play as soon as your initial cards have been dealt out you can instantly then look up the very best way to play off that hand, based on the card the dealer is showing.

Some online blackjack games now offer an auto play option, and as such when activating that playing mode the game will play itself automatically.

But will also be using the very best strategy as it plays off your hand automatically, and that will ensure that you are always going to be getting the absolute maximum winning chances and will be playing the game perfectly with the auto play setting in play and doing all of the hard work for you!

Low House Edge Online Blackjack Games

As mentioned up above, even though some blackjack game variants that you can access and play online in a real money playing environment will have been designed as very low house edge games, you will only benefit from those very low house edges if you play with the best strategy for the variant you are playing.

One game that is very popular with online players is the single hand gold series Classic Blackjack game that Microgaming designed and launched many years ago.

What makes that game so appealing to experienced blackjack players is that when they do play it with the best strategy in place, they can get the house edge down to a tiny 0.13%.

Playtech have also launched a very low house edge blackjack game, and that is their Blackjack Switch game, but be aware that games forced you o have to play two hands per game, but by doing so the game play rules allow you to swap cards from one hand to the other hand!