Making Sense of Casino Bonuses

There are two types of casino players that set about playing online, there are those who will only ever play with their own money and will never be interested in claiming any type of bonus offer or promotional deal, and then there are players who will always be tempted to claim bankroll boosting casino bonuses.

If you are the former type of player, then you do of course have the benefit of choosing just which casino games you can play online, and will be able to stop playing at any time and cash out any winnings that you have been lucky enough to achieve.

But if you are the latter type of player, you will very quickly need to adopt that all important sixth sense that will enable you to spot and then set about claiming only the very best and highest valued casino bonuses.

Make no mistake about it though, you are going to come across so many different types of bonuses that your head will spin, and you can get very quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number and types of them that will be available to you, no matter at which online casino site you choose to play at.

Therefore, the following guide is one you should make full use of, for below I will point you in the right direction as to just which bonuses you should be claiming and I will also be letting you know why you should be claiming those bonuses too.

Deposit Match and Reload Bonuses

Both deposit match and Reload bonuses are going to be available to you at most if not all online casino sites, and the thing to keep in mind about those types of promotional offers is that unlike the ones listed below, you are required to make a deposit to be able to claim them.

Now, there are some things that you should first make sure you are fully aware of when claiming either of those two types of bonuses, and the first thing is just what percentage of your deposit is going to be matched by the casino and added to your account as bonus credits.

Obvious those bonuses that will see you getting a much higher percentage of your deposited amount matched by the casino by way of bonus credits are going to be the ones that you may initially find most appealing and will be itching to claim, but they will only be worth claiming if they have the following terms and conditions attached to them.

Low play through requirements are what you should be demanding from any bonuses you claim that require a deposit to be made before you can claim them, and the general rule of thumb is to look for bonuses that have a lower play through requirement than 30 times your deposited amount, and make sure your deposited funds are not required to be played through, just the bonus credits.

Also, check the terms and conditions to make sure that you can play the type of casino game you want to play with your bonus credits and make sure that you are not going to be subject to any maximum cash out and pay-out caps either.

Free Spins and No Deposit Bonuses

Bonuses and promotional offers that are made available to play but ones that do not require those players to make a deposit of any kind to be able to claim them can be very appealing to players.

But be aware that as you are not putting any of your own funds at risk when claiming such offers, the casinos offering such bonuses are going to have some very robust rules and terms and conditions attached to such bonus offers.

The free spins offers most casinos will give to their newly signed up players without them having to make a deposit will see those players claiming them being given a set number of no cost spins on one slot machine, and players then have to play through those spins and will be able to keep any winnings they achieve.

However, avoid claiming free spins related offers if you are not awarded your winnings as cash credits, for if they are awarded as bonus credits you will have to play those winnings through lots of times before they get turned into cash credits.

No deposit bonuses are often so low in value and come with so many rules and terms and conditions that they are hardly worth claiming, so if you do have the option of claiming either a no deposit bonus or a deposit match type of bonus it will usually be the latter ones that offer you the best value and the most winning opportunities.