Different Types of Online Roulette Games

As soon as you have experienced the sheer thrill of playing Roulette for real money, I am convinced it is going to be a casino table game that you will very quickly warm to and will want to play time and time again.

Roulette is one of those casino games that players can very quickly find themselves getting onto a huge paying winning streak, even when they are playing for relatively low stake amounts, but as is always the case when it comes to playing casino games of any type, you should always play them responsibly.

What online casino players are going to find however, is that there are quite a lot of different roulette game variants on offer to them, and much like any other casino games of which there are many different versions, you do need to know which ones are offering you the very highest and best paybacks.

Therefore this guide is going to be taking a look at the many different roulette games that you are bound to come across when playing online, and I will let you know the pros and cons of playing each of them, to allow you to make an informed decision on just which, if any of them you will be much better off playing online.

Progressive Roulette and Roulette Game Side Bets

Some roulette games are going to give you the option of placing a range of side bets and bonus bets, and by placing them you do have the chance of winning some much higher pay-outs over and above the standard maximum 35 to 1 winning pay-out offered by most standard variants.

In fact, some roulette games that you are bound to come across at one time or another in an online casinos suite of games will give you the chance of winning an ever rising progressive jackpot, however those variants will also require you to place an optional or even forced side bet wager.

Whilst those types of potentially much higher paying roulette games may appear very appealing to some players it is worth me pointing out that the forced or optional side bets, when placed, are going to massively increase the house edge the base game offers on its own.

Therefore, you will often find that your bankroll doesn’t last very long when playing such games, unless you beat the odds and do achieve one of the higher valued bonus winning pay-outs.

French Roulette

The French Roulette game is one that you should only ever play if you tend to just place even money bets onto the roulette betting layout, for that variant of roulette has a very player friendly and beneficial set of rules attached to the even money paying betting opportunities.

Those bets are the odd or even, high or low and red or black positions on the betting layout, and when you place a bet on them and a zero is then spun in those bets will not be losing bets.

There are in fact two different rules attached to all French Roulette games, one of which will be attached and in place on the variant you are playing.

The first rule stipulates that if you do place an even money paying bet and a zero is spun in the croupier will pay you out half of the stakes you placed on those betting positions, and the house will keep the other half of those wagers.

However, the other rules will not see you getting half of your wagers paid back out to you when placing an even money paying bet when a zero spins in, instead those bets you have placed are not removed from the betting layout, but they stay in place for the next spin of the wheel, and will stay there until a zero is not spun in.

Those two playing rules found on the French Roulette game sonly results in even money paying bets having a house edge of a tiny 1.35% by the way!

European Roulette

If you tend to place bets all over the roulette tables betting layout and not usually on the even money paying positions, then the European Roulette game is just as good a variant to play as the French Roulette game reviewed above.

As the is just one zero in place on the European Roulette wheel the house edge on the bets you will be placing works out at just 2.70%, and therefore those types of roulette games do offer some decent odds on you winning.

What you will find when you do place roulette online however is that you can play the standard software driven games and when you set about doing so a random number generator will ultimately determine just which number is spun in on every spin of the roulette wheel, so those outcomes are of course completely random.

However, many online casino sites now have their own live roulette games and when you set about playing those games the actual game you will see in play on your computer screen is a game that is being played in a land-based casino or casino studio.

The video feed from that venue is beamed directly to your computer over the internet and you can place any type of bet you usually place onto those real life roulette tables from the comfort of your own home, which is a way many players much now prefer playing roulette online by the way!

American Roulette

I would not bother playing American Roulette online, or if you are playing on a mobile device or even visiting a land-based casino, for that game has an extra zero upon the roulette wheel and doesn’t factor in that extra ball well into the pay-outs.

As such that additional double zero increases the house edge to 5.26% putting that game on par to most slot machines, and as you do have the choice of playing some much better variants offering much lower house edges it is a game savvy players will always steer very clear of playing.