Best Way to Play Online Slot Games

Slot games are fun to play, and if everything falls into place when you are playing them there is always the chance that you could win a fortune.

However, with so many different slots available to online players these days players can get somewhat overwhelmed when they first do start playing online and will always come across literally hundreds of different slots no matter where they choose to play.

Thanks to some very strict rules and regulations being put into place by the Gaming Commissions and Gaming Authorities that regulate and issue licenses to online casino sites players do always have the peace of mind in knowing that the slot machines they do choose to play online are completely fair and random.

Also, with there being all manner of bonuses, comps and even slot playing competitions such as slot tournaments and slot races being available online, players do tend to get much more play time from their bankroll when playing online, and will get much more fun and entertainment when doing so, when compared to playing slots in a land based casino.

There are of course plenty of slot playing tips and strategies many slot players adopt when playing online, and in this guide, I am going to be looking at the very best way to play slot games online, to increase your winning chances.

How to Locate Slots with the Highest Paybacks

One thing worth pointing out is that some online casino sites prefer to keep information such as just what pay-out percentages their slot machines have been set at a complete secret and will never let players know just how high or low the pay-out percentages are on their slot games.

However, many casino sites are forced by their licensing authority to make that information known to their players and will do so by publishing the RTP’s of each of their slot games on their websites, or on the pay tables or the help files of each slot game instead.

The best slots to play are always going to be the ones that have been set to pay-out more of players stake money as winning pay-outs, and for reference it will be slots offering pay-out percentages of over 97% that will give you plenty of winning opportunities and much higher paybacks over the long term.

It doesn’t matter whether a slot game has an amazing theme, all manner of different bonus games or bonus features or offers any number of progressive jackpots, at the end of the day it is whether a slot has a pay-out percentage of over 97% that will ultimately determine whether it is going to be a slot game worth playing, so always look up the RTP’s of each slot and only play the ones with RTP’s of over 97% is my advice.

Spotting a High Valued Online Casino Bonus

It is very true to say that online casinos do face some very stiff competition, for hundreds of different casino sites are competing for your business, and will make all manner of incentives available to you and all other players to lure you and them into playing at their respective casino sites.

The main way they will go about doing so is by offering you a sign up welcome bonus, or in some cases several of them, then once you have made use of those promotional offers, they will then keep their promotional offers coming your way on an ongoing basis too.

There are of course always going to be rules and a set of terms and conditions attached to any casino bonus offer, and some of those terms and conditions can be player friendly but some of them can be very un-player friendly too.

What you should be on the lookout for when you are comparing the bonuses available to you from any number of online casino sites will be those that have a low play through requirement attached to them.

Plus, you need to avoid claiming any bonus offers that will see you being limited regarding how much you can win and cash out when playing with bonus credits and also avoid those bonus offers that force you to play just a small selection of slots and play them for a set stake amount too.

By choosing bonus offers that can be used on any slot games and allow you to play for any stake with your bonus credits and also bonuses that have no maximum pay-out caps in place and low play through requirements, you will then always have a fair and very reasonable chance of winning with them.